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Electric Bike Hire
The hills around the Cornish villages are notoriously steep - even if they do lead to spectacular beaches and views at the end. A normal pushbike is a superb way to get around and exercise at the same time, but due to physical constrains, not always ideal for slightly longer rides.
If you've had enough of the Camel Trail and would like to go a bit further, without ending up pulling a muscle and ruining your holiday, an electric bike might just be the answer. Don't go thinking it's completely effortless, you still have to pedal, but it does take the strain off going uphill, saving your energy to get to places you wouldn't normally get to.
Price would start at £25.00 a day, including helmet and a lock, with discounts for longer hire. The bikes will be delivered to you and picked up at the end of the hire and you will also be given a quick tutorial on how to operate them, which is very easy!
To keep within the green premise of an electric bike, they will be powered by electricity generated by solar panel, installed at our home in Mawgan Porth.

Harlyn Surf School...


Harlyn Surf School aim to provide a positive experience for everyone by making the ocean accessible to all. They know that surfing is not for everyone so a number of years ago they introduced coasteering, kayaking as well as being the first surf school to offer stand up paddleboarding in Cornwall.
They endeavour to cater for all ages and abilities no matter what activity you choose and their team of highly experienced and professional instructors help them do this. They have selected their instructors based on experience, motivation and determination to be the best in the industry. They can't guarantee sunshine when you visit them but will guarantee the highest quality and standards in all the services they offer.

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